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A ARPAN Seva Sansthan executes Horticulture Development Programme commonly known as WADI Programme since 2007 in Bundi, Jaipur & Pratapgarh. Nine hundred and nineteen Orchards have been planted, with the help of BPL(below poverty line) ST(scheduled tribes) families. The basic objective was their economic uplifting, which is monetarily assisted by Tribal Area Development Department, for the duration of five years.

The fundamental intent of the programme is :

  • Farmer should use his own available Natural Resources for the Development of the area.
  • To renovate the Wasteland available with farmer into Cultivable land so as to earn from Crops and Fruit Plants.
  • To motivate and generate awareness among farmers about Improved Agriculture Practices.
Foremost activities the programme is covering are:
  • Model of 30 AMLA/ GUAVA with 150 forestry across the boundary of 0.5 to 1 ha area along with Improved Seeds, Fertilizers is developed.
  • Supporting technical on & off farm trainings to farmers for different aspects related to line sowing, irrigation time & techniques, diseases & their medicines.

It is proven that after a period of 8-10 years a farmer can easily earn Rs. 25,000-30,000 yearly from a single orchard. Forestry plantation covers the Orchard and protects it from Natural calamities, the leaves of trees itself makes organic compost, farmer can obtain timber, fuel & fodder for domestic purpose. Introduced with Innovative agricultural practices.
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