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Publishing your own material has never been easier! Traditional publishing is quickly being replaced by a new publishing phenomenon: E-books.  These types of publications offer consumers several important advantages. The first is cost. You can purchase an e-book at a fraction of the price (usually 20% less) than you can conventional publications. The second advantage pertains to shipping. Since you can immediately download e-books directly from a seller, you don’t have to worry about waiting for them to arrive or paying shipping costs. A third advantage is convenience. After you purchase your e-book through a secure server, you can download the book right away as a PDF file, or even through your cell phone. All you need is Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download and install Acrobat Reader at no cost to you. Finally, you don’t need physical storage space for an e-book. You can save your e-book in a file on your computer and read it at your convenience. You can also acquire the capability of printing your e-book from your computer or saving it on a CD or flash drive - giving you fast and easy access to it. E-books can also be downloaded through iPhones, iPods Touch or iPad. Feel a new sense of independence and power by writing, publishing, promoting and selling your own e-books quickly and conveniently. E-books are easily becoming the fastest growing method for publishing your ideas in print. Once you are a successful publisher, your readers from all over the globe will continue visiting your ready-made website to buy more of your publications. With minimal investment you can obtain your own ready-made website complete with shopping cart, Ad-sense and Amazon-based money-making capabilities in a matter of hours. E-books are written by new writers or recognized authors. Stephen King, for example, a noted publisher-was one of the first authors to publish a book using an e-book format. Other classic and new publications are offered through e-book websites. If you have trouble seeing smaller print, you can avoid this problem through e-book magnification. This function allows you to adjust the size of the print – even magnifying it as large as you prefer. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your e-book if you have trouble reading it because of poor or dull lighting.  With additional technical capabilities, you can also have the computer read the book to you. E-books offer other advantages as well. It saves storage space in your home since there are no books to shelve. Besides using your computer, you can also read e-books through hand held devices, taking them with you wherever you go. If you are a promising writer, you can now take control of your publishing potential. Quick and convenient, e-books are the wave of the present and future. Let us help you develop and market your e-book and promote it through your website that we tailor, develop and publish for you at an affordable price. Don't delay, get started publishing your work now by purchasing a ready-made website with e-book publishing features today.
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